Approaching the Throne

October 30, 2018

Job 31
38 “If my land has cried out against me and its furrows have wept together, 39 if I have eaten its yield without payment and made its owners breathe their last, 40 let thorns grow instead of wheat, and foul weeds instead of barley.”

Job expresses his final cry before coming before Elihu and ultimately answering the Lord. During this chapter, we witness Job appearing clueless regarding the injustices he had to face while he’s attempting to search his own heart for any wrongdoing. Ranging from succumbing to lust, to swaying away from the truth, to being a poor master of his servants, to withholding from the poor, to idolizing riches, to hating his enemies, etc.. Job plays out multiple scenarios during his plea to the point where he exhausts his own thoughts and eventually surrenders to the Lord. It’s in Job’s own flesh that makes him question and wonder how things came to be while racing through a gamut of emotions which up to that point leaves him with no answers until finally releasing everything to God.

This tirade from Job makes me question how I approach the throne when my heart is distressed, in need, in confusion, in anger, in despair, etc.. I too can be like Job who is first to speak, responding out of emotion, and endlessly ranting before learning how to be silent so that I can hear God. It’s when I let go of all my reasoning, rationale, logic, and thinking.. and reposition my heart into a posture of listening that I begin to allow the spirit to shape and mold my heart. It’s in this sacred space where the Lord starts to take ownership and speak to where my spirit is clear enough to receive. The Lord is faithful that even in times where it takes me a bit longer to approach His throne.. and it’s usually because I’m being weighed down so heavily by my own thoughts and ways where I’m glued to my own throne. It’s always when I come to God facedown and on my knees lifting up His name and giving him all the glory especially in times where it makes no sense that the Lord takes full reign in my heart and life.

Forgive me Lord when I’m too fixated trying to figure out the things that are too marvelous and wonderful for me. Help me default to surrendering and trusting Your spirit over my flesh in times of weakness. You are my strength, strength like no other!

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