Breaking Bread Together

August 16, 2016

Luke 24:31-32
And their eyes were opened, and they recognized him. And he vanished from their sight. They said to each other, “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?”

Around the same time that a few discovered Jesus’s empty tomb, conversations about all the things that had happened were emerging left and right. While two were traveling on the Road to Emmaus, Jesus accompanies them in their journey and even joins them in their dialog without their full awareness. The two even urge Jesus to continue with them in their journey as their hearts and spirits are racing and on fire while having their Savior right in their midst! When they finally recognize who He is while they share a meal together, Jesus instantly disappears from their sight. They had come to their senses and not only were their eyes open, but their hearts were as well. After this encounter, they could not help but share the good news to the rest of the town that the Lord was alive and well! They not only were able to share what had happened during their journey on the road together, but how it was through the breaking of the bread that they were able to find the revelation of this glorious truth!

As we race and in our busyness team together to do many great ministry endeavors to bless our church and community, another phenomenon happens when we take the time to sit and share a meal together. In one of the encounters that the people in the return of Christ, it’s not an elaborate celebration with trumpets blaring, red carpet rolled, and a mighty procession taking place. Rather it’s a simple time where Jesus comes to one of the most intimate places that you could ever have with others in breaking bread together. Jesus did the very same thing in His last moments with His inner circle before He was to be captured by the soldiers, put on trial and then endure the most excruciating death to save all of humanity of our sins. The Last Supper and His meal after the resurrection are representative of fellowship and a display of His love at its finest. I am reminded that serving along side my peers and even new ones that I reach out to is one thing.. but to take the time to share a meal and get to know their hearts is the greatest extension of welcoming them into my personal space, getting the opportunity to know them on a deeper level, and bond our servanthood together in ministry with a foundation that goes beyond just doing for doing sake.. but becomes genuine service together as the body of Christ.

Thank you Father for using this example of Jesus communing with His loved ones to stir the hearts of many. Remind me to constantly reach out to others that goes beyond a business meeting, but more into a personal coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Thank you for reminding me too that I need to take more the initiative to extend invitations and reach out to others to become part of my family. Use and bless these moments to help give others the sense of belonging and motivate them to know they are worthy to be a part of something greater.

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