Giving Credit to Where Credit is Due

June 5, 2018

2 Samuel 22:25
And the Lord has rewarded me according to my righteousness, according to my cleanness in his sight.

After a series of victories defeating enemy after enemy, King David immediately seeks the Lord to sing songs of praise. In this book, we’re given insight to a very intimate time between David and God. He first recognizes the Lord for being His dependence and foundation during times where he literally faced death in its eyes. In crucial times of need, David cried for God, the the Lord responded and through His strength brings down David’s enemies because of favor found through relationship. It wasn’t through perfection but through having constant humility before the Lord that David could find peace in his soul and triumph over darkness. In return, God would be fighting for David on his side, but not just in a snap of a finger.. he was required to go through times of major spiritual surgery in order to learn, grow, and discover the depths of faith. David constantly chose the path of righteousness despite being a sinner, and it was through his steadfastness and perseverance the the Lord granted him not only the ability to lead people, but do the impossible through the power of the Holy Spirit.

What I so admire about David’s example is that through he is a broken man, he kept on keeping on and giving credit to God for His goodness. Even in times of despair, we see in the book of Psalm that though David was inwardly tormented and suffering, he constantly sought the Lord in honesty, humility and holiness. I’m making a new promise to God for this season for 3 times a week to prepare my heart by getting into an intimate time of worship: Just me, my guitar and the Lord. It’s easy for me to keep running my race but failing to take moments to give credit where credit is due just as we see David taking a time out to give all honor, glory, and power to God. When we are able to pull out for a moment and devote our undivided attention to the Lord, these times connect us, clean us, refuel us, and prepare us for the things to come. It’s through being plugged into the right source that teaches us how to be better sons / daughters, servants, leaders, fathers, mothers, examples of being light into the world.

Father God, You have been my solid foundation who’s always been kind, unchanging, unshakable especially in times where I was distressed. You have always answered my call in times of need, and not only helped my situations but taught me what it means to be more like Jesus through these times. I praise You God for constantly delivering me from darkness and bringing me back into Your light.

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