Taiwan Day 52 – Doubting Alex

December 24, 2010
John 20:29 — “Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed.. blessed are those who have not seen yet have believed.”

A lot of times, I could be like doubting Thomas, who couldn’t believe in the return of the Lord unless he saw it with his very own eyes. Jesus himself had to make his presence known to Thomas- and show him firsthand evidence after evidence  about His existence and very nature of His being.. We too can be full of disbelief when Jesus has already repeatedly revealed manifestations of His love and His discipline in order to realign us back onto His righteous path. I can see this in so many instances of my very own life, especially when it comes to my call in ministry and relationships. I admit that a lot of times I doubt just like Thomas, and even take t to extreme measures to where doubt becomes the ignitor of ungodly thoughts which then translate to ungodly action, sin, and eventually spiritual death. I not only need to believe but develop a lifestyle of believing.. obedience! That at times also means not doing anything, as my actions are the things that too often lead me down the wrong path. At times, God wants us just to be fine.. being still in His presence in the here and now.. in absolute submission, obedience, and reverence for Him.. knowing and trusting in the plans that He has for tomorrow.. which are not to harm but through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ are the assurance of a future and a hope. 

I thank you Father for ALWAYS loving me enough to discipline me.. do speak through my thick head in order to put me back on Your path of righteousness. I admit, it’s hard.. but my soul and spirit rest assured beyond the persevering and enduring through the motions.. but rather into the knowing, believing and living.. Reset and recalibrate my heart and attitude to that of servant and that of Christ.. who in His very nature did not consider equality with God.. something to be grasped….
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