Taiwan Day 56 – Who Will Stand?

December 27, 2010

Revelation 7:15-16 – “They are before the throne of God – and serve Him day and night in His temple; He who sits on the throne will spread his tent over them. Never gain will they thirst.”

In this chapter in Revelation, we see a great multitude of people in white robes holding palm branches. It’s not absolutely sure who these people specifically were.. and even John questions their origin. The Lord responds to him by claiming that they are the ones who never fell into the hands of the evil one.. and furthermore we see that they serve the Lord day in and day out.. because of their servanthood to Him, they never again will hunger, thirst, be harmed.. only comforted on all levels.

Though we never will know if we could ever join such high ranks of holiness, the main message is this.. that through this great tribulation and spiritual battle, we are to come out pure, white, and presentable before Our Majesty.. that even as we shed tears, blood through our suffering here on earth.. it is not in vain.. yet it is for the sake of Christ who suffered for us.. that we fight and do whatever it takes to clothe ourselves from head to toe in His robe in the midst of all that we are called to endure.

In the end, will we stand before the Lord on the path that we have been so faithfully enduring? Or is that that I have diverted so far from His path of righteousness that I need to change my course entirely to get back to where I was originally intended to go? Sometimes I think that on an average night here in Taipei.. may days are packed with school, studying, work, and ministry.. that by the time I finally do get to return back home, it’s fairly late.. a lot of times, I miss my transfers on the MRT due to my tiredness and my lack of being alert and ready for where I’m intended to go.. it’s only then that I have no choice but to go the exact opposite way.. but there’s a price to pay and nobody to blame except myself for my own doing. Only option is to man up, own up on the consequences, and get back on the road to carry out the Lord’s will.. but this time in more revering, more submitted, more obedient.. wiser, stronger, with more of a story to tell for the sake of saving others.

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