Devotions (中文)

Taiwan Day 74 – God is Moving in Taiwan (在台灣的第74天─神在台灣的動工)

January 16, 2011

John 6:35 – “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me shall never hunger, and he who believes in me shall never thirst.”

Today after doing my daily reading for today, I couldn’t find anything particular to write about.. Instead I heard God to press in Him and be more intentional about what He is doing here in Taiwan rather than asking Him what His will is for me. I know that I need to continue in my exploration of what God has been, is doing, and will be doing in this place. I felt Him say, “Join me, and allow me to show you how I am moving here.” I wasn’t exactly too sure as to how this opportunity would manifest itself until a friend I just met today invited me (or rather I invited myself, hehe) to check out their youth service at Bread of Life Church. I had an open night and rather than going out to the club to drink, womanize, and self medicate on drugs (I’m kidding Christian! I don’t do those things), I decided to check it out knowing that I probably wouldn’t understand too much given that the service was fully in Mandarin. No problem.

I exited off the Xinhu exit on the brown line and journeyed up a hill to what seemed like somewhat of a high rise apartment building. I felt my spirit start stirring as I started hearing some of the worship music in the back and I could just sense that God wasn’t jokin around. I came to enter and witness about more than 1,000 youth and young adults ON FIRE worshiping God.. praying, speaking in tongues, simply proclaiming their love for Him! These guys could be doing anything on a Saturday night, but chose rather to be in the presence of God to worship, to learn, and to encourage one another.. A large majority of the people were on their knees in tears crying out to Our Father.. even the balconies were packed with an overflow of worshipers engaged with the same fullness.. It was RADICAL. After the message, everyone got up and started praying for healing as they laid hands on one another.. there was testimony and testimony of what God did in that very place as we applauded our God for His signs, miracles, and wonders.. I honestly have never seen anything like it.. sure I have been in many services, conferences, healing, prayer, etc.. but from what I experienced was a movement of God! Especially when you put the statistics up, Christians in Taiwan are like sheep amongst the wolves.. But tonight I was reminded when I heard Jaeson Ma in a sermon refer to God’s people in Asia as an army of light in preparation for the Great Tribulation.. I saw this as such a sign of hope for what God is doing in the younger generation of Taiwan.. and all the more encouraged me for what is to come for New Hope Taiwan. What I witnessed and experienced was the faithfulness of a ministry which happened more than 50 years ago. What we are doing at New Hope Taiwan is so relevant and a huge part of this great God movement whether we see it or not at this point in time.

Father, I am thankful, filled, and renewed through experiencing your presence in the hearts of Taiwan’s next generation in such a radical way.. Allow us God to partner with You in what You are already doing.. I pray for the revival in the hearts of the individuals that we get to minister to in New Hope Taiwan.. and that You stir any lukewarmness and You blaze their hearts on fire for You.. needing, wanting, and hungering for more and more of You. It’s happening Jesus because You are making it happen. Tonight, I felt You say 7 more years. That my service to You in Taiwan can’t be just a flight over and a flight back.. but You did what You needed to do through me in Hawaii in 7 years until Your year of harvest came over my life and ministry. This is the form and expression of love I want to give my people.



我在捷運棕線西湖站下車,走上一個小山丘,進入一個有點像公寓的建築。我感覺我的靈開始翻攪,當我聽到詩歌從我背後傳來,我知道神不是在跟我開玩笑。我進入會堂,看到1000位以上的青少年和青年火熱地敬拜神…禱告、講方言、單單的宣告他們對神的愛!這些人可以在周末晚上做任何事,但他們選擇在主的同在下,一起敬拜、互相學習和鼓勵…有一大群人跪下來在眼淚中哭求我們的父…甚至連後陽台都擠滿了敬拜的人群。這很激進。在信息之後,他們站起來開始為他人按手醫治禱告…一個又一個見證,見證神在每個地方動工,我們為著祂的徵兆、神蹟奇事所喝采…老實說我沒有看過像這樣的情況,我當然參與過許多主日、會議、醫治禱告、禱告會等等…但我此時此刻經歷的是神在動工!特別是當你去看統計數字,台灣的基督徒就像羊在狼群中。但是今晚我又再度被提醒了,當我聽到Jaeson Ma在一個佈道會中將亞洲的基督徒比喻成一支為了大災難所預備的光明軍隊。我所看到的就是希望的徵兆,看到神如何在台灣年輕一代做工,鼓勵著為這個原因來到台灣新希望教會的我。我所看到和經歷的是50多年前一個事工的信實。我們現在在台灣新希望教會所做的也是如此,而且是神所做的偉大事工的一部份,不論我們在現在這個時間點上是否已經看到。


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