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Unseen Podcast: The Why

May 17, 2018

Hey guys, well here we go! Creating this Podcast is something that I had pondered from time to time. Some of you might have seen my Unseen YouTube Channel which went off to a great start, but never really took off due to my busyness. I just love making videos.. but I realized that being some kinda of YouTube personality just isn’t my cup of tea. After making the first video episode, it dawned on me that making continuous video content would need a lot more time, energy and resources which I don’t have available for this particular season.

I put down the breaks on the Unseen YouTube Channel project for the time being, and gave the best of my time serving my home church C4, taking on a handful of freelance video projects through my business Instamersion. But on top of that, I started to contract with Tardus Wealth Strategies and serve as a board member for Hawaii Meals on Wheels.. whew! These are all endeavors that I simply love being a part of, but a part of me kept thinking in the back of my mind, I need an outlet of creativity through content and media to voice out an overflow of things that God has been putting in my heart.

Just this past week, the Lord gave me the word Streamline which Dictionary.com gives a few definition. In terms of business and even practicality, it declines the word streamline as “altering in order to make more effective or simple”. This made me ponder about the handful of things that I am currently involved in and also made me realize that if it wasn’t for certain systems that I have set in place to make my overall workflow more effective, then it would be impossible to handle all the things I have on my plate with excellence (which is a whole other episode of Unseen in itself!).

I then realized that if I put a system in place to my Unseen channel, I could develop a process that could be streamlined to make it possible to produce weekly episodes focusing on what I love the most (content creating, sharing, being an inspiration) rather than being drained by obstacles that would be more time consuming and inefficient. Thus comes the creation of the Unseen Podcast where I could eliminate the video element entirely and focus more on just being myself without a camera in front of me, having less time to edit and taking a sound clip as a one-shot deal which is more natural and organic. This enables me to have a voice to share of what’s been years of content and reflections that I’ve been sharing on my online blog into a new outlet that I honestly foresee being very fun and entertaining as well!

I’m going to be discussing a wide gamut of topics ranging from faith (devotions, testimonials, inspirations), finance (budgeting, getting out of debt, wealth building, real estate), media (videography, photography, storytelling, content creating) and infrastructure (creating effective systems, streamlining, technology) etc etc etc.. I’m hoping to even have some guests here and there so you never know.. you might be on the next show!


About Alex
Honolulu, HI

Unseen is an online experimental sandbox of Alex Cheng where he will be discussing the Word of God, personal experiences and thoughts. He is Media Director / Pastor at C4 Christ Centered Community Church, founder / creative director of instaMERSION studios LLC.